We have had pumpkins around our classroom for the past few weeks and the Kinders have been very curious about them. We decided to do some pumpkin investigating. We learned about the pumpkin lifecycle, measured a pumpkin, drew a picture, experimented if it would float or sink, and opened it up to discover the inside! Many “ooh’s” and “ahh’s” took place throughout our investigations. One group of Kinders even asked if we could continue working after recess to find out more! 

After making predictions, we were surprised to find out that our pumpkin floats! 

“Yuck, pumpkin guts!” After all taking turns to pull out pumpkin sees, we decided to count them. Our medium sized pumpkin had 390 seeds! 

We Are Artists

Our school has began celebrating Canada’s upcoming 150th birthday by discussing why we love our town. To prepare for a community mural being designed, we have been practicing brainstorming ideas. Today we began painting our ideas of our favourite things to do and places to go in town. To some people these are just paint on paper, but if you ask the Kinders what their painting is about, you will discover a story as well as their observations and views of the world around them. 

G: “This is the co-op. It is my favourite place to go in town because they have the best slurpees.” 


We have been busy learning about patterns in math. We have been talking about the pattern rules, using manipulatives to create patterns and relating each pattern to ABC. The Kinders have been noticing patterns all over the school and are excited to share their findings with each other. We even had a chance to collaborate with the grade 1’s to discuss and practice our learning.

Fall Leaves 

The Kinders are excited as the seasons change. We decided to go on a nature walk to talk about the weather and collect leaves, seeing how many different shapes and colours we could find. L was so excited to show that he found a leaf as big as his face! As we gathered our pieces of nature, the kids played with their ladybug friends and had fun jumping in the piles of leaves. It will be interesting to see what creative art projects come next from these leaves! 


This week we have started talking about the colour wheel and exploring what happens when you mix primary colours. I set out this invitation to explore during play. The kids love squishing the paint around the bags and watching what happens as the colours blend. M & R then asked, “What would happen if we mixed red, yellow AND blue?” So we did! 

We also did our first painting project to explore the colour wheel. As the students painted, I demonstrate on a large wheel at the board. They were so excited to see the complimentary colours forming. I was thrilled to see some of the Kinders walking up and comparing their wheels with mine, then hearing “Yay! I did it!” 

Great ideas

I am constantly amazed by the great ideas I have been hearing from the Kinders. This week, J brought a puzzle to me and said “Look what I put back together! Maybe you should take a picture of it and tape it inside so others know how it’s suppose to go!” I always look forward to hearing new problem solving strategies from them and seeing the growth each day! 

My Mouth is a Volcano

This week we had a focus lesson on something that has been a problem in Kinder…Blurting out when someone is talking. We read the book “My Mouth is a Volcano” then discussed different strategies to prevent us from blurting out, or when our “volcanos want to erupt”. Each student chose a strategy to focus on using, and we wrote them on our volcano craft. Let’s hope we start to see these strategies work! 

The sound of “S”

This week we began our first phonics lesson, by exploring the sound of “s”. After learning our new song, the students were busy using various materials to demonstrate what they thought of when hearing “ssss”. By conferring with the students, I saw the sun, a sailboat, snakes, sidewalk, snowmen, supper, soup, smiles and many other things created around the room.  Throughout the day I was happy to hear, “Oh, hey! That’s another word with a “s” sound!” built into conversations through play in the room. It was great to see so much creativity, imagination and engagement throughout this new activity and I am looking forward to seeing what will be created for the other sounds.